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Severe Thunderstorm/Tornado   Safety Basics:

1. Get In:

  • Put as many walls between you and the outside as possible.
  • Stay Away from doors and windows.

2. Get Down:

  • Get to the lowest floor possible. Basements are best during tornadic or very high wind situations.

3. Cover Up

4. Remain Calm

More details can be found within this brochure: pdf version  

Types of Severe Weather:

Tornado: A violently rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm cloud to the ground. The Enhanced Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale is used to categorize tornadoes.

Severe Thunderstorm: A thunderstorm that produces a tornado, damaging winds of 58 mph or higher, and/or quarter (1 inch) size hail or larger.

Flash Flood: a flood which will create an immediate threat to life or property. Safety rules for flash flooding can be found with this brochure (15MB pdf)

High Wind: A High Wind Warning is issued for sustained winds of 40 mph or wind gusts of 58 mph