Valentine's Day Share the Love Nominations


Nominate your favorite first responder!


2024 Share the Love Nominees

Nominee - Vicky Shelton
Nominated by - Ethan Shelton

My wife has been a first responder EMS for a couple of years for CRH and she never ceases to amaze me with what she can do. She does an amazing job and never brings home what she deals with at work home. She is the rock that holds our family together. She makes us all so proud.

Nominee - Ron Sexton
Nominated by - Alan Murphy

I'd like to nominate Lieutenant Ron Sexton with the Columbus Fire dept. He has served over 25 years helping those in distress and saving lives. Ron would go out of his way to help you and give the shirt off his back if you needed it. Couldn't ask for a more dedicated and kinder first responder. Total Rock solid!

Nominee - Brittany Wayt
Nominated by - Amanda Jones

Brittany is a mother of 3, works full time, a wife and volunteer fire fighter for Hamilton township fire station in Cortland. Brittany has a big heart and can fight a fire with the men with ease. She is strong, smart and all around great person.She is a great role model for young girls and young men as well. Brittany and her husband Tyler both have been a huge part of our community for years fighting fires and being first responders. I'd love to nominate her as her and Tyler both deserve this with much love.

 Nominee - Ben Spencer
Nominated by - Karen Browning

Ben is a hard working single dad of 3. He not only serves on the fire department in Columbus, but also serves on the volunteer fire department for Vernon Township (Crothersville). Ben is quick to help and loves to help others grow in volunteer service. He especially enjoys giving back to young people by pouring his knowledge and experience into them. He is passionate about fire service and loves his community! I am proud of my brother!

 Nominee - Larry Carpenter
Nominated by - Brenda Carpenter

Larry has been fighting cancer, had his right eye n cheek removed this last August.  He's been struggling to walk again (that's where they took the graff from to repair his face). He deserves a nice break to relax n forget his injuries. Love him so much

 Nominee - Aaron Wilkins
Nominated by - Sophia Hedrick

Aaron works for the sheriff's department. He gives 110% of his heart to his job. He's selfless, very down to earth and works all the time. He's very deserving of this gift.

 Nominee - Trisha Dyer
Nominated by - Duane Engelking

She is an amazing woman she has came so far! She has conquered addiction and works at Seymour comprehensive treatment center!! She loves watching her patients recovery path... She works hard and loves even harder. And I feel she deserves appreciation

Nominee - Benjamin Miller
Nominated by - Natasha Miller

Ben Miller is a Sergeant at the Seymour Police Department. He is very dedicated to his job and his shift. When not at work, you can find Ben in the gym working out, training firearms, jiu jitsu, studying department SOPs, or reading case law. Everyday his shift works, he goes over a new case to ensure the squad is constantly learning. Ben and his shift have started working out after shift to help ensure they stay in shape. This has helped keep the entire shift accountable. Weekends aren't always fun to work; however, Ben tries to make the best of it for his squad. He has implemented Sunday squad dinners. Ben also is involved in the community. He serves on the Anchor House board and also volunteers his time with other local NFPs in the community. Ben is a very active police officer. If he is on scene, you can guarantee he will give 110%. He will ensure the call is handled timely and properly. Ben has a natural ability to think quickly and remain calm. Being an officer's wife isn't always easy but I know that if something would happen at work, it isn't because Ben hasn't trained and prepared himself for the worst situations. There are a lot of good officers but Ben Miller is one of the best!

 Nominee - Benjamin Miller
Nominated by - Donna Loudermilk

Ben is a Seymour police officer. He is fair but does his job . Friendly when needed but tough when he needs to be.

 Nominee - Gilbert Carpenter
Nominated by - Tyler Goodpaster

Gilbert is the best dancer, fto, and down right good guy. Love dirty Mike and the boys.

 Nominee - Anthony Walker
Nominated by - Toby Pauley

Anthony works hard to make SFD a safe and enjoyable place to work. He shows up early, stays late, and stops by on his days off to check in. Make positive changes and does thing no one else even thinks of. Plus, he can do some really good impersonations.

 Nominee - Nick Martoccia
Nominated by - Kim Martoccia

My husband has been a first responder around 19 years.  He started out at the Bartholomew County Sheriff's Office in Corrections, and then Bartholomew County Work Release.  He then was hired on as a Deputy with the Sheriff's Office thirteen years ago and now an IUPD Officer. There are things that all first responders see that most people can't handle.  I can't imagine what he keeps to himself and fights internally from what he has witnessed on the scene of different calls.  I am so proud of what he does for our community.  He gives his heart and soul to his work.

 Nominee - Kaelen Eglen-Davis
Nominated by - Mary Stahl-Eglen

I would like to nominate my granddaughter Kaelen Marie Eglen-Davis. Kaelen is a registered nurse at Schneck Medical Center. Kaelen graduated from nursing school last May and has been employed at Schneck for about 5 years. Kaelen works in the emergency room where she is always busy! She works hard and loves her patients and co workers! Kaelen always gives 120 percent as they are her first priority! Kaelen was awarded two DAISY AWARD'S recently which is an international program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses everyday! Kaelen puts everyone first including family and now she deserves a little ME time!

 Nominee - Stephen Wheeles
Nominated by - Angie Wheeles

I am nominating Sgt. Stephen Wheeles with the Indiana State Police. He has served the state of Indiana for 23 years as a trooper. His current role is the public information officer for his district but he has served in many roles during his career including a K-9 handler for 8 years. The start to his first responder career actually began when he was in college as a volunteer firefighter on Lookout Mt., GA. He continued his firefighting on the Oakland City fire department while attending college in Indiana and ended his firefighting on the Brownstown fire dept. His passion for helping those in need has driven him for many years of service to the public and continues to be the reason he works so hard for our community.


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