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Final List of 2022 Share the Love Nominations


Submitted By - Diane Tormoehlen
Health Care Worker - Angie Hallow

She is practice manager for different offices, she puts the care of these practices over herself. She cares for her employees and will do anything to help them. We love when she is standing at copier humming her songs, or even singing them. These last 2 years has taken a lot of patients and faith to get through with Covid any healthcare worker is a hero in my book.

Submitted By - Tammy Smith
Health Care Worker - Nathan Campbell

Nathan is a Respiratory Therapist at Schneck Hospital in Seymour very hard worker been there many years never misses even through the pandimic worked many overtime hours. Very dedicated to his work and patients. Very humble guy.

Submitted By - Joyce Eversole
Health Care Worker - Nathan Campbell

Nathan is my brother and a RT at Schneck. He is the most caring man you will ever know. He treats his patients just like family. He gives a 110% to everything he does.

Submitted By - Adam Hobbs
Health Care Worker - Brittany Hobbs

Brittany is very loving and caring to her patients, she goes above and beyond for them. Staying late and working long hours, but she always manages to treat her patients with love and always has a smile on her face.

Submitted By - Amy Nolan
Health Care Worker - Brittany Hobbs

Hard working mother of 2  comes to work  with a great attitude making our patients feel like they are surround by family.  Pleasure to work with

Submitted By - Brad Heil
Health Care Worker - Nathan Campbell

Nathan is hard working, great work ethic and is an excellent role model for his children.  Works and serves the community diligently and without complaint.

Submitted By - Patsy Fields
Health Care Worker - Nathan Campbell

Respiratory therapy is not the weak and I am pleased to nominate Nathan Campbell for this share the love contest! Nathan is my son and has been a respiratory therapist for twelve years at Schneck. He always puts himself last and his family first. He is selfless, hard-working, and loves his patients. He brings empathy, love and dedication into every patient room. He picks up shifts, works weekend's, different hours and holidays to care for patient's. Thank you 96.3 for this wonderful gift to healthcare staff!

Submitted By - Chatana McCreary
Health Care Worker - Rebecca McQueen

15 year LPN.  Has spent that time in longterm facilities & recently accepted a position with staffing agency.  She is very dedicated and hardworking!!  She always makes sure to put the residents needs and wants above all.  She is an amazing lady with a huge heart!!

Submitted By - Melissa Bowles
Health Care Worker - Nathan Campbell

My son in law Nathan Campbell goes above and beyond the call of duty for his patients. Nathan is a respiratory therapist at schneck and has been for twelve years. Nathan shows up early, stays late, picks up shifts and trains new staff. Nathan loves serving the community and considers his coworkers family. He loves his patients and loves Schneck Medical Center.

Submitted By - Sue Callahan
Health Care Worker - Nathan Campbell

We would like to nominate Nathan Campbell he is a respiratory therapist at Schneck.  When I was hospitalized I looked forward to Nathan's smile when he was caring for me. Being in the hospital is emotionally draining as a patient, we depend on staff to care for us mentally and physically.  Nathan was so friendly and took his time to explain procedures.  My family and I are forever grateful for his patience and care!

Submitted By - Jessica Campbell
Health Care Worker - Nathan Campbell

I would like to thank WJAA for this wonderful and thoughtful recognition to the healthcare heroes! The one person I would like to nominate is my husband Nathan Campbell.  He works at Schneck Medical and has for twelve years as a Respiratory Therapist.  Nathan never misses a day of work, picks up shifts, mentors new staff is team lead and loves helping and serving the community.  Nathan goes by the motto,"if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life." Nathan loves patient care and takes pride in serving Jackson County. Nathan has overcame a lot of obstacles in his life. As a young dad of seventeen he graduated college with honors while working full time to provide for his family. His long term plans is to retire from Schenck Medical as he continues to care, serve and provide the best possible patient care to his patients. Thank you again, WJAA for this wonderful opportunity.

Submitted By - Beverly Ruddick
Health Care Worker - Laverne Heacock East

Laverne is my sister.  She has been a nurse for around 50 years.  Worked at Schneck Medical Center until she retired several years ago. Now she does hospice and home care.  She is a great person, friend and homecare worker.  Thanks!

Submitted By - Alisha Cunningham
Health Care Worker - Erin Rammel

Erin is simply the Best NP! She has worked so hard over the years to accomplish her nursing dreams. She had bumbs along the way but never let it stop her. She is caring and compassionate and has a passion to help others. I wish everyone could have a friend/nurse like Erin!

Submitted By - Trista Hawk
Health Care Worker - Patty Engle

My mom has been an LPN for 30 plus years and has dedicated her life to helping her residents at the nursing home. She truly loves what she does and puts her heart into making sure that residents' health and wellbeing comes first. She has shown me what it means to love what you do in life and that a job isn't just a job.

Submitted By - Bonnie Streeval
Health Care Worker - Hannah Tannahill

She is a mother of 3 and single and works at adaptive taking care of people all day then takes care of the kids and house and she will do anything for anybody even in the mist of the night like she did for me because I ran out of gas she goes above and beyond her job and loves taking care if the world she calls it she never seems to sleep and is always going she deserves to be recognized for all the hard work she does. She is young and says she never has good luck so I hope this helps her feel better about herself.

Submitted By - Damian Phillips
Health Care Worker - Sheena Cravens

Always puts everybody before herself works tiresely to make sure everybody's always taken care of and goes above and beyond for her job. Very loving and caring and tries your heart to said anything she does just an overall fantastic nurse.

Submitted By - Heather Maschino
Health Care Worker - Susan Jones

My mom deserves the nomination because her co-workers and patients love her. She goes above and beyond when she can. She works in the environmental services dept at St Vincent Jennings hospital. If she can get a patient anything or  help out her coworkers in any way, she will do it.  She has a heart of gold.

Submitted By - Abby Hackman
Health Care Worker - Jenni Isaacs

My aunt Jenni has the biggest heart! She is constantly talking about how much she loves her job and the people she works with. Covered Bridge has been her home away from home for as long as I can remember. She is loved and respected by her residents and fellow employees.

Submitted By - Abby Hackman
Health Care Worker - Donna Hackman

My Nana went back to school to become a nurse when I was about 5 years old. She was in her 50s. She has worked in many different departments at Schneck and is currently in wound care. She is still working, over 15 years later, because she loves what she does. I'll always look up to her for going back to school so she could have a fulfilling job helping people everyday!

Submitted By - Tammy Holland
Health Care Worker - Ashley Byrge

Has loved and worked very hard at covered bridge and Seymour hospital.   She has also helped with bobs and brews none profit organization is very caring and giving person never likes to get attention or credit for things she does for others .

Submitted By - Tami Nance
Health Care Worker - Katie Boswell

Excellent care giver for all her cancer patients at Schneck Cancer Center!!

Submitted By - Shawna Boas
Health Care Worker - Anne Schneider

Anne and her family moved here from Kokomo last year. She LOVES working at Schneck as a nurse in pre-op and post-op care. She has worked anywhere they needed her since COVID has changed "normal". Patients love her. Her employer appreciates her experience. Anne is very involved with her extended family and church. She has been an awesome addition to our community. Being recognized for all of her hard work would be a great welcome for her.

Submitted By - LeAnn Sweeney
Health Care Worker - Roni Jo Scarlett

Roni Jo in a physical therapist.  She has put in extra time working during the pandemic.  Then when my mother(Roni Jo's mother-in-law) had to go to the ER and stay overnight and get transferred to CRH, Roni Jo stayed with her the entire time at the hospital and then went to CRH to get details of all that was going on with mom.  She did all this after working all day and having no rest.  She is an amazing person with the best outlook and upbeat personality.  Her patients are all lucky to have her as is her family.

Submitted By - Tearinee Balser
Health Care Worker - Suzanne Hedrick

Suzie works at Riley Children's Hospital. She works in the renal department. She runs the kidney camp for kids every year. She becomes friends with the patients and their families. She often works overtime. She drives an hour to work each way.

Submitted By - Tearinee Balser
Health Care Worker - Hillary Schrader

Hillary is an RN in Shelbyville, IN. She works in the surgery department.  She is a wonderful person who loves her job and her family.

Submitted By - Ann Akemon
Health Care Worker - Katie Boswell

I found out i have stage 4 colon/liver cancer dec 2018. Katie has been my nurse at Schneck cancer center . She is the only one who can access my port with one try! She comes in just to do That for me many times !! She is caring and kind and they are so lucky to have her and so am I!!

Submitted By - Stephanie Lemen
Health Care Worker - Katie Boswell

Katie is the most caring, giving, efficient and awesome nurse you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Katie took care of my dad when she was a nurse at Scott Memorial and my father in law at Schenck Cancer Center. She goes above and beyond in taking care of her patients.  If you have Katie your care giver, you have the best!

Submitted By - Ashley Gerth
Health Care Worker - Lindsey Huddleston

After being a stay home mom for the last few years, Lindsey has went back to work in the medical field. All while the covid pandemic has been going on. Some evenings not getting home until late in the night.

Submitted By - Eduard Sides
Health Care Worker - Bobbi Sides

Bobbi has been a caring RN for over 15 years. She truly shows compassion and true care towards her patients. Whether on the floor or in wound care, Bobbi is an inspiration to anyone that is thinking about becoming a nurse. She has a heart of gold and one that Has felt it's share of heartbreak. Losing her father when she was in high school and recently her younger brother ..both to forms of cancer. She is a loving mother and a wonderful wife. She asks for nothing but gives her all to her patients and her family. Nursing is not just a job, something she leaves at work...it is a lifestyle, one that she has accepted and lives everyday with the passion for life. Whether it is just listening to a patient spending time with her family...she knows life can change so love what you do and who you do it with.

Submitted By - Tammy Staples
Health Care Worker - Dr.Carlos Vieira

Dr.Vieira is the best doctor I've ever had he is a cancer Dr n he saved my life he listens to u he takes time to care for his patients I had trouble with my tube after my breast was removed n dr.vieira sat their with me June 24,2021 he sat with me from 7am to 1030 to make sure I was going to be ok he came back at noon on his lunch break to check on me the at 4pm he came back n I had to have another surgery he saved my life n I can't think him enough he's the best doctor I've ever had

Submitted By - Nancy Treesh
Health Care Worker - Jessica Schroer

Jessica is a Multi-modality tech in the Imaging Dept. She works 3rd shift and has pushed through the pressures of being the only tech on third shift. As a radiology tech sh is needed for departments from ER to surgery to portable Imaging of patients on the floor. She works hard and also keeps up with 2 teenage sons too.

Submitted By - Tiffany Thurston
Health Care Worker - Jennifer Snow-White

Jennifer has worked long and hard hours for years as a Nurse Practitioner. She always treats her patients with respect and really has a way to relate to them. She considers every patient's individual needs & puts for 110% effort. Our family is so very thankful for her ❤️

Submitted By - Sarah Montgomery
Health Care Worker - Kelie Jaynes

My nominee is my mother. She has worked very hard to get where she is today. She is a great nurse and loving mom that deserves the world!

Submitted By - Kimberly Mikels
Health Care Worker - Melanie Lehr

Melanie has worked since she was 16. She worked at JayC while going to Nursing School. She drove back and forth to Indy while working at the hospital to be a Nurse Practitioner. She is a very hard worker, an amazing sister, and a wonderful aunt. She will drop everything even in the middle of the night to help our parents. Plus patients love her!

Submitted By - Jo Ellen Robinson
Health Care Worker - Nicole Hart

Nicole has been a very loyal & constant worker, for Seymour Crossing..she has worked there, for 20 years & is a treasured employee there. Nicole takes very good care of her clients & although you are not supposed to get attached to her clients...she has a big heart & loves her clients..Nicole deserves a prize..a big prize!

Submitted By - Christopher Schrader
Health Care Worker - Gloria Schrader

My wife is the best. She work on the OB floor at Schneck. She is a surgical technologist and helps with c sections. She loves helping bring babies into the world and helping families grow.

Submitted By - Jessica Gillaspy
Health Care Worker - Mark Gillaspy

Mark is a dedicated Seymour firefighter and EMT, but most importantly he is dedicated to his family and raising our kids in God's love and grace.

Submitted By - Helen McKinney
Health Care Worker - Rachel Cravens

Rachel went to school and worked a full time job with three children, one with cystic fibrosis which was in the hospital when little quite a bit. She got a RN degree. She worked in nursing homes and also Schneck Hospital always putting her patients before her and caring for them like they were family. She went on to get her Doctorate of nursing and is now a manager of audit training. I am very proud of her and her determination to make a difference ❤️I have had so many people say, she took care of my family and we don't know what we would of done without her. She is a blessing. And she has had trials of her own. She had melanoma and they did surgery on her.she is ten years cancer free, praise God. She is a very strong young lady and I believe a lot of people would agree she deserves this nomination!!

Submitted By - Pattie Skeen
Health Care Worker - Terri Egan

Terri is the best NP she respects her patients. Never rushes when with you. She truely cares about her patients health. Shes ask your opinion about your health. I am 63 and she manages my health so i can live a productive life.

Submitted By - Lis Trueblood
Health Care Worker - Jennifer Holtman

She's the best! She was moved to the ICU from the surgical unit at the beginning of the pandemic. When surgeries started back up, she decided to go back to the ICU instead of the surgical ward. She missed taking care of the COVID patients. She put herself in harms way.

Submitted By - Tammy Carpenter
Health Care Worker - Brian Carpenter

My nominee works in maintenance which means he keeps the hospital running which means that anything that goes wrong they fix.

Submitted By - David Schuler
Health Care Worker - Joan Schuler

She is a hard worker that never cuts corners. She is always honest and to the point about the needs of other. She also takes care of me with my heath condition. I'm glad I found her.

Submitted By - Karla Hubbard
Health Care Worker - Michelle Arthur

Michelle is our administrative medical assistant. She is the glue that holds it all together. Answering the phone  to schedule all our in-house patients and giving the most update information we have to help folks find services here in Jackson County or the closest next option she is our "go to" person.

Submitted By - Karla Hubbard
Health Care Worker - Carrie Schryer

Carrie is one of our public health nurses. She has been vigilantly working since the pandemic began educating our community on all the protocols regarding covid. She continues to vaccinate our patients to protect against the other diseases we have been able to eradicate,thanks to vaccines,  and organizes our weekly  Covid 19 vaccine clinics. She daily guides our Jackson County citizens to the best of her ability on all the best practices to reduce the spread of covid 19.

Submitted By - Karla Hubbard
Health Care Worker - Mondee Scifres

Mondee is our lead public health nurse. She has been vigilantly working since the pandemic began educating our community on all the protocols regarding covid. She was instrumental in organizing our Covid 19 vaccine clinics and continues to daily guide our Jackson County citizens to the best of her ability on all the best practices to reduce the spread of covid 19.

Submitted By - Brittany Hobbs
Health Care Worker - Amy Nolan

Amy Nolan really cares about her patients, she goes above and beyond. She will do anything to make sure her patients are taken care of. She comes in early and will stay late, she will call her patients even when they aren't on the schedule to check on them if she knows they are ill or have suffered a loss. She is a huge asset to our team!

Submitted By - Michelle Stephens
Health Care Worker - Kelly Turner

Kelly has been right in the thick of things with the covid epidemic. Before that Kelly was a hospice nurse.  Kelly's heart is so big. She has dealt with death on almost a daily basis for over two years. Kelly continues to love her job even when she can't go on another day.  Schneck is very luck to have her on staff. Kelly is the go between Nurse for all the patients and the Hospitalist.  Kelly connects with the patients family while reporting back to the doctors.  Again going to say Kelly is involved with each patient who stays at the hospital. That also includes the ER as well. Please consider her when you choose a winner.

Submitted By - Kylie Eglen
Health Care Worker - Kaelen Eglen

She's just an amazing person and needs the recognition for all of the amazing things she has done

Submitted By - Marla Mead
Health Care Worker - Terra Robertson

Terra is a Labor and Delivery Nurse working full time while also taking college classes full time to become a Nurse Practitioner, which she will complete this Spring! Terra truly cares about the ladies she is taking care of as well as their family members and she just has that “special touch” with every different patient and knows how to best communicate and relate to them effectively. When I have seen Terra at work she is honestly a True Professional and takes her job to heart. She is Amazing!

Submitted By - Brianne Miller
Health Care Worker - Ally Petro

My friend Ally has been in the nursing field for quite awhile.  She ended up being an office manager at a local Dr office before deciding to go back to nursing school in her 50s.  She worked her butt off studying and nothing deterred her.  She graduated nursing school in 2020 and is now back in the nursing field that she loves so much.  We all know it's not easy going back to school at any age!  She is such an inspiration and I'm so proud of her for continuing to follow her dream.  She now works at CRH and picks up extra shifts to help out in this pandemic.  She is an amazing woman that deserves this recognition!

Submitted By - Randall Nowland
Health Care Worker - April Linville

I'd like to nominate April Linville. She's an awesome worker. Hard wore and very dependable.

Submitted By - Barbara Colwell
Health Care Worker - April Linville

I'd like to nominate April Linville as excellent  health care worker. She's honest, hardworking,very dependable. She's got a very good bedside manner.

Submitted By - Tabitha Myers
Health Care Worker - Blake Myers

I would like to nominate my husband. He is a dispatcher at the emergency operations center in Columbus Indiana. He not only works full time as a dispatcher but he is also the best dad to our little girl who is getting ready to turn 2 this year. In his spare time he also gives back to his community by serving on the Redding volunteer fire department where he is a captain. We are so proud of him in everything that he does and are truly blessed 🥰

Submitted By - Mike Growe
Health Care Worker - Jennifer Growe

Jennifer is a hard worker and manages her office.  She is always going out of her way to make sure all patients are comfortable and taken care of on top of keeping the office well staffed due to all the absenteeism of coworkers.

Submitted By - Seneca McKinney
Health Care Worker - Kaelen Eglen

I was in an accident on 4-24-19 head on ( my jeep) and a semi both going 55.  @245 am i ended up in Mary Eglen side yard.where i assume Kaelen was staying the night THE IMPACT of the accident woke them up.well Mary, Had cut the seat belt off of neck and saved MY LIFE, IT WAS CHOKING ME TO DEATH,Kaelen held me up cause my legs were smashed in under the jeep door i was pinned but my upper half was hanging out..i do not remember anything from the accident at all.... just what people told me several months later...But most importantly It was Kaelen that was talking to me and trying to keep me calm..and HOLDING MY UPPER HALF OF MY BODY UP WHILE THEY WERE WORKING ON GETTING ON MY LEGS OUT..I guess there were several times people tried to take her place... and i scream NO DONT LEAVE ME! PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME!!!   SHE STAYED THE WHOLE TIME!! AND WAS THERE FOR ME....  UNTIL THEY GOT ME OUT ALL THE WAY TO THE AMBULANCE AND UP TO THE HELICOPTER!! SHE SHOULD BE THE WINNER !  SHES TRUELY A WONDERFUL PERSON,CARING, AND LOVING! AFTER I GOT TRANSFERED TO COLUMBUS REGINIONAL FOR MY REHAB STAY, HER FAMILY CAME TO VISIT ME THERE.😊AND I THINK IM THE REASON SHE WANTS TO BE A TRAMA NURSE!! SHES GONNA BE AN AWESOME NURSE ONE DAY!! ID ALSO LIKE TO SAY!! SINCE THAT DAY! WE STILL STAY IN CONTACT AND OUR FAMILYS ARE SO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER ITS  WONDERFUL!! THERE GOOD PEOPLE... AND I LOVE MY KAELEN DEARLY IF I HAD A DAUGHTER I'D WANT HER TO BE JUST LIKE KAELEN!!   She's just a special person, it takes a certain kinda person to be a nurse. And shes got it!!  I Seneca McKinney  nominate KAELEN EGLEN.....AND im SHARING THE LOVE

Submitted By - Michelle Benefiel
Health Care Worker - Sarah Benefiel

Work thru the pandemic and nt once complaining about being there for her residence or patients! Showing up every shift! During a time when tensions were unsettling.  Residence at nursing home couldnt have visitors. New mothers delivering babies with limited family visits.  Proud of you sis! Love Mom

Submitted By - Maggie Chastain
Health Care Worker - Linda Smith

Linda has dedicated and worked fiercely through the covid pandemic at schneck medical center in the ICU with the sickest patient , saving lives, caring for affected families with such compassion and strength that she deserves to be recognized  Sincerely, Maggie Chastain

Submitted By - Janice Hines
Health Care Worker - Kristin Hines

She is a highly dedicated RN and the director of our cancer center in Seymour.  Her compassion and time with the patients are endless.  Plus added with all the business side of the hospital.  And being a wonderful mother to 2 young daughters and a great role model for them.

Submitted By - Debbie Galbraith
Health Care Worker - Diana Brackin

She's such a caring person ! Always has time to sit and listen to your problems & tries to fix them all 🙂

Submitted By - Cindy Peters
Health Care Worker - Dr. Terri Agan

Terri is a very personable . She is just a down to earth doctor that you feel comfortable with .

Submitted By - Terri Stough
Health Care Worker - Sydney Oakes

I would like to nominate my daughter Sydney Oakes. She has been a CNA for a few years and loves her residents so much. You can see watching her work and how she would talk to them how much she truly cares. She is only 20 years old but has an old soul. She truly is caring, compassionate and so kind. She is going to school for psychology and now works at CenterStone in a group home. She is very caring with them as well. She goes in on her days off and weekends and evenings if they are short staffed or need help. When she goes back to the nursing home to visit all her past residents are so happy to see her and she chats and visits with them all and takes her time to see them all. She is the real definition of being dedicated and loving her job. This is why I chose to nominate her! ❣

Submitted By - Mary Eglen
Health Care Worker - Kaelen Marie Eglen

Kaelen Marie Eglen is my Very Hard Working granddaughter. She is in her third year, a junior at IUPUC studying nursing.  She has worked for the past two years as a CNA Intern on a medical-surgical unit and student nurse. Currently, she has transferred to the Emergency Department as a student nurse and it has been CRAZY/BUSY, but a  great learning experience for her.  Within nursing school she has to have clinical hours that she completes each semester.  Her clinical cohort is located at Schneck as well. She is very THANKFUL for being able to learn under the best nurses, doctors, support staff, RT, PT,, OT and other staff there. She is always saying how blessed (and tired), beyond measure to have such awesome coworkers, who are eager to help, teach and support in all that she does, whether it being clinicals or with her jobs.  Kaelen said everyone at Schneck is just like family and that she is always grateful for each and everyone that she has met along the way.  This pandemic has been HARD on everyone, but it has given Kaelen the drive to become the nurse that she has always dreamed of becoming!  Some days it can be hard, but some days it reminds her why she started!  Her fiancee, Dylan Davis fell at his work at the Sheriff  Department at the end of summer and broke his foot/ankle. After surgery Dylan is still  not back to work so with a money shortage,  Kaelen is the sole supporter of the household, finances and their puppies Beau Chief and Charlie, besides her going to school, clinicals, studying and work! I still don't know how she does it ALL!  She is so kind and loving to her patients, treats them like family and puts them before herself!  This little lady needs to be nominated as she is more than DESERVING!  A little ME time sure brightens everyones day!  THANK YOU for all you do! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

Submitted By - Blake Myers
Health Care Worker - Tabitha Myers

She's been working throughout the whole pandemic on the ambulance and during the midsts of the pandemic we also had our first baby at the start of it all that we’ve been trying to keep safe.

Submitted By - Danielle Kaufman
Health Care Worker - Tiffani Calhoun

Tiffani has been working the front lines at Schneck WELL before the Pandemic! She walks roads with patients that never should HAVE to walk the road they are walking!! She is exhausted but YET still shows up with the most loving, giving heart! She makes things happen that are almost impossible to help transition patients from the hospital to a Rehab Facility or Long-term Care Facility. Her heart for these patients and their families goes WELL above and beyond any Social Worker I have ever seen! And I have experienced this personally with my OWN family!! And she treats those patients and family that she DOESN’T know the same as mine!! That speaks VOLUMES of her!!! She deserves to be nominated because she does not receive the credit due to her!! She deserves to be pampered and recognized for her work even though she’d tell you differently, but that’s her heart!!! I nominate Tiffani Calhoun!!! ❤️

Submitted By - Lea Graves
Health Care Worker - April Linville

I have known her for many years ,she a loving caring person ,she loves taking care of her patience.

Submitted By - Michele Spangle
Health Care Worker - April Linville

She a very caring person an friendly an a very hard worker

Submitted By - Jackie Stout
Health Care Worker - April Linville

A very caring person  Very hard working. Always thinking of ways to make my life better. Will do flexible hours to take me to doctor appointments if possible.

Submitted By - Dennis Hess
Health Care Worker - April Linville

She is very caring and gos above her duty and very sharing lady she gos out of her way to make then family and to do extra work she has a big ❤️ heart

Submitted By - Bobby Clark
Health Care Worker - April Linville

She is compassionate about helping her patients with anything they need. She loves her job even in these times with Covid.

Submitted By - Margaret Brown
Health Care Worker - Megan O'Haver

Megan is the most sweet, caring & competent healthcare worker there is. I recently was not in great health & Megan went above and beyond her call of duty. She even came to my residence to check on me & help me when I needed it. She is THE BEST!

Submitted By - Amy Cockerham
Health Care Worker - Cassie Hackman

Cassie is a very hard worker. She is a young mother of 2 and wife to a firefighter. She graduated high school and went on to college to become a registered nurse where she worked many years in the emergency room. She want back to college for more schooling and became a Nurse Practitioner. She is so loving, caring and hard working and has a passion for helping people. She gets very little time to pamper herself and i feel this is much deserved.

Submitted By - Jessica Johnson
Health Care Worker - Brielyn Tidd

Brielyn started her career her senior year of high school, taking classes at a local nursing home and passed her CNA test with flying colors. She absolutely loves working in the healthcare field.  She started out working in the nursing home and made so many relationships with the residents and their families it wasn't just a job to her, they were her family.  She moved on to QMA and then Medical Assistant working in a Doctors office to try to further her education and experience in the medical field. Brielyn is still spreading her wings as she has now moved on to Adaptive Care as and Medical Assistant dealing with taking care of orders, phone triage, going to clients home, and does intakes with the nurses, and helps with scheduling, she also works part time at First Care. Brielyn never complains about her job she takes every task personal. She knows her job and how well she does it, affects her patients/clients directly.  She has one of the biggest hearts and I can't think of anyone more deserving of this nomination.

Submitted By - Breanna Tidd
Health Care Worker - Brielyn Tidd

She is the bomb.com and has the kindest heart

Submitted By - Cassidy Mantz
Health Care Worker - Karlie Henderson

Karlie is my future sister in law. She loves her job and enjoys providing care to her patients everyday. She is such an inspiration and if anyone deserves anything it would be her!

Submitted By - Brielyn Tidd
Health Care Worker - Christy Mowery

My boss does whatever she can to help anyone and everyone. She goes out of her way everyday to help. She deserves this due to her kindness, willingness and helpfulness.

Submitted By - Samantha Browning
Health Care Worker - Melissa Luedeman

Missy joined the 6th Grade Center this school year. Even with being new to our school, she brings a deep background of knowledge- not only working in health care but specifically in schools. Missy is kind and personal to each and every student as well as their families. One can always see Missy's smile under her mask. During Christmas break, Missy took time out of her personal life to go shopping with a student. Money was donated from a local church to support a student. Missy volunteered to take this student shopping, have lunch, and be a positive role model. At Seymour Community Schools, our vision statement is; Soaring to Excellence, Every one, Every day. Missy truly represents this day in and day with her service and care for all students.

Submitted By - Sara LeMarr
Health Care Worker - Teresa Miranda

She has been a nurse for 30+ years. She always puts others first. She is simply amazing

Submitted By - Joseph Lynch
Health Care Worker - Heather Lynch

My nominee is my wife heather lynch. She works as a labor and delivery nurse at columbus regional hospital. She always tries her best and has great empathy and compassion for her patients on top of the fact that she was working as a CNA on night shift and helping raise our 5 kids as she was going thru nursing school and earned her bachelor's from IU.

Submitted By - Maria Hauersperger
Health Care Worker - Melissa Luedeman

Nurse Missy works tirelessly to serve the staff and students of the 6th Grade Center! She is often seen in the building long after the close of the school day. School nurses work hard under normal conditions but the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly expanded  their duties and responsibilities. Nurse Missy does her job with a firm yet compassionate hand. She goes above and beyond every day!

Submitted By - Monique Christensen
Health Care Worker - Melissa Luedeman

Nurse Missy is such a caring and loving lady. She takes care of all the students who not only are sick and not feeling well, but also those who need some extra love. She deserves recognition for going above and beyond for our students, family and staff every single day.

Submitted By - Dee Smith
Health Care Worker - Dinah Henderson

Dinah is a dedicated medical professional. She is employed by Columbus Regional Hospital, working at Southern Indiana Nephrology as a medical assistant.

Dinah has worked throughout the entire pandemic, while attending Ivy Tech Community College, pursuing her associate's degree.

Dinah performs her duties and works tirelessly to ensure quality care for patients. She deserves to be recognized as a dedicated medical professional who goes above and beyond to care for patients.

Submitted By - Dianna Ross
Health Care Worker - Megan Toborg

Always a caring,thoughtful nurse. Worked thru her pregnancy. Such a sweet and deserving young lady.

Submitted By - Brittany Webster
Health Care Worker - Carrie Brown

Carrie is an amazing LPN. She does so much for our office.

Submitted By - Carrie Brown
Health Care Worker - Abra Black

Great NP that goes the extra mile for her patients !

Submitted By - Abra Black
Health Care Worker - Brittany Webster

She is my nurse & the best co-worker. She goes above & beyond to help everyone in the office. She works extra hours in our office, as well as the hospital due to staffing shortages. Never complains.

Submitted By - Donavon Blanton
Health Care Worker - Asa Blanton

Asa is my daughter, she is 16 y/o & a CNA @Lutheran Community Home. She has been working there for a year & a half & loves her job. She has plans to become a nurse & wants to work with children. After HS she plans to attend college to help her achieve her goals & get her nursing degree. Every resident @the home will tell you, as well as her mentors, will tell you how much joy she brings to all of them & does her job as well as anyone else going above & beyond to make her residents feel at home.

Submitted By - Marnie Dirks
Health Care Worker - Darla Rorick

Darla goes above and beyond with all her patients.  She is very friendly and personable.  She truly cares about team members health and goes the extra mile to ensure the success of her patients treatment and getting/staying healthy.

Submitted By - Lori Smith
Health Care Worker - Robin Cartwright

Robin treats everyone like they are her best friend. She makes you look forward to keeping your medical appointments with her. She always takes time to truly listen to you.



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Congrats to our Wacky Wednesday Winner Aisin Plant #2

February 2021

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February 2021

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