Happy Father's Day!

The "contest" is presented by Lakeside Pizza in North Vernon, Fishin Tales Bait & Tackle, and Jim's Body Shop. The prizes include a fishing pole from Fishin Tales, a car detail from Jim's Body Shop, and a Milwaukee drill and chair from General Rubber.

Our Father's Day Winner is Barry Burke



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Nominated By: Rachel Smith
Nominee: DJ Smith
After losing my own father years ago, Father's Day is always bittersweet for me. I was blessed enough to have a great dad...one of the best really, which made losing him that much harder. (We will always love you Steve Schrink!) 
However, now I have a front row seat to watch my husband be the best father to our two young boys. DJ is one of the most loving and attentive fathers I know. He works a full time job, helping people in the community. He just finished up his MBA, which required a lot of studying and writing papers before the rest of us even woke up for the day. He is always helpful around the house, and I never have to ask him. He sees a need and helps out. Always. He loves to take care of our lawn and landscaping (classic dad right here.) I could list so much more, but the point I'm trying to make is he works hard. Really hard. He's busy. Really busy.  
Despite how busy he is, and how hard he works....the boys and I always feel important. He always makes us feel loved and taken care of. His priorities are always in line. In my opinion, this is the most special thing about DJ Smith. In a world where we can easily get wrapped up with work, material things, our phones, etc. DJ makes time to be the father that our growing boys need. 
After dinner, when I know he would love to sit down and relax, he will go outside and play basketball with the boys, simply because they asked him to. He will read them just one more chapter. He will go for one more bike ride. He will take them fishing on a Saturday morning, because he knows that life is about these memories. His kids. His family. 
These are just a few reasons why DJ Smith would be an excellent choice to be celebrated. We love you DJ! Happy Father's Day (and Happy Birthday!)
Nominated By: Brianne Miller
Nominee: Randy Brown
My dad, RB, rocks!!! He has always been such a supportive person in my life.  He has coached softball teams not just for me but for my sister as well amd alot of our friends!  Many people I know remember my awesome dad as a great mailman!  He helped save a lady's life one time while delivering her mail.  He noticed her mail was not getting picked up from her box nor did he hear she was going out of town or anything from her family.  So he contacted them, they contacted the police for a welfare check, and the lady had fallen amd couldn't get to a phone or anything.  RB is also known for the t-shirts he used to screen.  He is a man of many many talents.  Today, he is retired and loves to fish and shares that joy of fishing with his granddaughter.   He rarely missed a sport event that me and my sister played in and it's the same now with his granddaughter.   He keeps on supporting the Chicago Cubs too!  My dad has a huge heart as he has been involved in meals at his church.  Today he volunteers at Provisions weekly!  My dad has great stories about his life and has written them up to share with his family.  These are stories about his life growing up in Seymour.  It's such a treasure to be able to read these and hold on to them to pass down to my family.  As you can see, my dad, RB, is a loving, artist, sport loving, supportive,  philanthropist,  funny, amazing fisherman of a dad.  I am so blessed to call him my dad, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  He is the most deserving man of a great Father's Day that I know! I love him so much!
Nominated By: Megan Keller
Nominee: Paul Keller
Our dad, Paul Keller, is a loving and supportive Christian father who goes above and beyond to encourage his daughters in all aspects of their lives. He does not hold back in expressing his love and admiration for us, and his support has been instrumental in our success and happiness. He always strives to create a healthy and nurturing environment at home. He prioritizes quality family time and ensures that we are well taken care of. He goes out of his way to help us with our homework, school projects, and extracurricular activities. He is always present at our sports, performances, and other events. Dad has also been instrumental in cultivating our faith. He encourages us to pray, read the Bible, and attend church. He teaches us the importance of having a personal relationship with God and living a Christ-centered life. This has helped us navigate the challenges of life with faith and resilience. Our dad also encourages us to pursue our passions and interests. He supports our dreams and goals, no matter how unconventional they may be. He believes in our potential and encourages us to take risks and try new things. He models a growth mindset by emphasizing that failures and setbacks are opportunities for growth and learning. Finally, our dad is a source of unwavering love and support. He always has our backs and is one of our biggest fans. He expresses his love and affirmation frequently with daily hugs, goofy dad jokes and silly songs. We know that we can always count on him, no matter what life may bring. Our dad is a remarkable example of a supportive, encouraging, Christian father. His love, support, and encouragement have created a strong foundation for us to grow and thrive. We are blessed to have him as our father and are grateful for all that he does for us.
Alexis, Emily, Olivia and Annalise Keller
Nominated By: Skyla Ihle
Nominee: Josh Manis
Well our daughter says everything about daddy makes him wonderful an special to us! I however have seen the hard work an dedication this wonderful man has for our family. At times working several weeks straight doing 12 hour shifts an still managing to spend time with us an show us how much he cares an loves us! It hasn't been easy these last 9 years we've been together an nowadays most people run when the going gets tough. Not this man. We had a rough start to our life together after only knowing each other for 2 months an finding out we were pregnant. We both knew we wanted a family of our own we just didn't know it was going to be with each other or so soon! Nonetheless we dealt the hand God gave us an he blessed us with a beautiful baby girl. I have never seen a more proud daddy than the day our daughter was born an he got to be the first one to hold her an bond with her. The first year we really struggled. We were living in a run down trailer an could barely afford to live paycheck to paycheck. This man never stopped, never stopped working or helping with our daughter when he could an was home. I was struggling so bad from having a c-section an all our family lived in different towns, so you can imagine how tough it was on us both. We never gave up though. For 2 years straight he worked 12 hours 7 days a week an when they asked him to work holidays he took that time too. We saved an saved every penny that we could so we could start our new life in a new home. An we accomplished just that in August of 2018! He has stayed with the same company for 8 years now an our daughter just turned 8 this year. We found out Christmas day we're finally expecting our second child! We couldn't be more excited! So this fathers day is a bit more special to us as we werent sure we were gonna be able to have more children an then we get this surprise! But wait it gets so much better ITS A LITTLE BOY! we never imagined we'd be here all over again but we are all three so excited to meet the new baby, he is due to arrive August 17th 2023! I hope he's chosen as these are just a few things I think make him worthy, wonderful and special as a daddy!
Nominated By: Kamy Royalty
Nominee: Aaryck Royalty
This is not my dad, but my Husband and father to our children. He is such a caring & nurturing father, everything I wanted my children to have and more. He never fails to make us laugh, console us when we are upset, and he always puts his family first. Our daughter looks up to him so much, and he sets the bar really high when it comes to showing her how she is suppose to be treated. I will forever be grateful for that, and for the way that he treats not only his children but for the way he treats me and shows our daughter how she should be treated in the future. My husband is so patient, and I think that is what makes him so special. A lot of men lack this characteristic, but I am so glad that my daughter has a patient father and that I have a patient husband. He has enough patience for the both of us, which is amazing because I lack patience with our daughter sometimes. My husband demonstrates honesty, humility, and responsibility to our daughter and soon to be our son this October. He teaches our daughter right from wrong, and always explains why and what the differences are. He encourages her to do her best, whether it's as simple as putting her toys away or as hard as riding a bike. My husband is the provider, protector, leader, teacher, helper, encourager, and friend. He shows our daughter and myself unconditional love every single day. I am so blessed and thankful that God chose him to be my partner, and am so grateful to have the life that we do with our children. Lastly, my husband is always present. He never misses doctor's appointments for our unborn son, and he never misses anything when it comes to our daughter either. He is such a positive, present, loving father and I hope he knows how much we love him not only this Father's Day, but every single day we have with him!
Nominated By: Sehrish Sangamkar
Nominee: Rahul Sangamkar
Who is a father? A father is someone who wants to catch you before you fall, but instead, picks you up and brushes you off, and lets you try again. A father is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes but instead lets you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence each time you get hurt. A father is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed and has faith in you even when you fail.
And this describe my husband to a T. 
My husband  is the kindest, most selfless person I know. He continuously gives of himself to his family and friends with no expectation of anything in return. He fixes our cars, our homes and anything else that may need repair. Most times he’s doing so before being asked. 
He’s changed countless diapers for our daughter, stayed up at night to feed her so i could rest. For his girl, he nurtures her self-esteem and inner Cinderella with tenderness and unconditional love: warm embraces, showing up and supporting her at all events, taking her out on special dates.
He is a Dad who chooses to appreciate every situation or scenario for what it is. He rolls with the punches and loves through the mess.
One of his most endearing qualities is his ability to calculate on-the-spot risk/reward assessments of pending decisions. While moms tend to what if themselves into a no answer, this Dad’s inner fun meter tethers so tight to the joys of adventure that petty worrying doesn’t have room to surface. “Yippee”, say all his little children.
In my daughters word. My daddy is my hero and I love him to the infinity and beyond. 
He is the greatest blessings in our lives we could have ever asked for. He’s our Rock and a bright shining light in the middle of the darkness. We can’t imagine our lives without him.
Nominated By: Christian Scott  
Nominee: Christopher Scott
My dad is very special because he has done a lot for our family. He helped my mom when she was pregnant with me and had complications. He took her to doctor appointments in Indianapolis every week. When the doctors told her I had a less then 1% chance of living he reminded her to pray and keep her faith in God. My dad did everything for my mom when she was on bed rest with me. My dad has always been there for me for all my doctors appointments and all my surgeries. I have had seven surgeries. My dad is a great guy because he treats my mom with respect and they never argue. He has taught me to have respect for everyone and to treat all people with kindness. My dad is very special because I have never seen him be mean to anyone or treat anyone poorly. He has taught me all about basketball and he even built me a basketball goal in our backyard.  My dad taught me a lot on the guitar and bought my first real guitar for me. And he also took me to guitar lessons every week. Then when I became interested in piano he got me a piano and lessons. Now my dad and I play music together all the time at home. Because of my love for music my dad has taken me to at least one concert every year since I was ten years old. I have been to see my favorite band, Dave Matthews Band every Friday and Saturday concert they have had in Noblesville since I was ten years old.  A total of 6 nights. And we are going to see him again this June. He is also taking me to see Dead and company for the final tour.  But what makes him extra special is he even took me to see the band Korn one year even though he does not like that bad. My dad also takes me fishing a lot. He has taught me how to bait my own hook and takes me to all his good fishing spots. I love spending time with my dad and he makes sure to show me he loves spending time with me. I feel like my dad is a very wonderful man. He is the best dad I could have. I love my dad very much! That is just some of the things that makes my dad so wonderful and special.
Nominated By: Mary Guffey
Nominee: Jimmer Robbins
Everyone who knows my dad says he's the nicest man they know. He'll be 89 this year and loves to fish and play golf. He's been married to Mom for 63 years last Valentine's Day. He doesn't drink, smoke, or cuss and always says if you can't something nice, then don't say anything. He's the quietest man I know, probably for this reason! He would do anything to help anybody, anytime.  He doesn't gossip. He can keep a secret.
Growing up, I was his fishing buddy. I remember when I was in high school, I'd be elbow deep in homework and he'd come in after work, poke his head around the corner and say, "What do ya think? Think they're biting?" And I would pack up my math book and away we'd go. 
Now that he and mom are in their 80's and slowing down, I try to make it over at least once a week, just to sit and visit for a couple hours. 
Dad was born in 1934 in the West end of town. Growing up, they used a mule and buggy to get around and would often spend the weekends fishing on the riverbank.
He was in the Army and was stationed overseas in Korea.
He married Susan in 1960 and had 3 children, Lloyd who was born in 1961(passed in 2016 from oral cancer), Mary who was born in 1963, and Callie who was born in 1969. He has 2 grandsons, Lloyd Robbins, Jr, and Cody Breeding.
He enjoys making birdhouses and fishes with his friend Bruce every chance they get, which is pretty often! If Dad can't catch a bluegill, you might as well pack it up and head home, because they just ain't biting!
I dearly love my father. I wish everyone could get to know him!
Nominated By: Cheyenne Trejo
Nominee: Warren Bell
The Dad that I would like to nominate for this competition is Warren Bell. Warren goes above and beyond, day in and day out for me and our boys. He is an early riser each day to head off to work to support our family. When he's not at his day job he is tending to his business that he owns and operates. That sounds like he'd be pretty busy right? Well even with having a regular job and owning his own business, he finds time to show his boys what a real father and a real man should be. Warren definitely leads by example. He shows our boys that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish anything and everything. Warren loves to stay active as well. If he's not riding his bike with the boys, you might find him shooting hoops at the park with them! You didn't find him at the park? Well then he must be outside at home grilling or smoking some meat on his traeger. Warren is a grill/smoke master. Anything from steak, a whole chicken to a rack of ribs. Is there anything that this guy can't do? A child doesn't choose their father, their mother does. When I say I hit the jackpot when I chose Warren, I mean it. A few words to describe Warren; tough, strong, wise, smart, handsome, active. Nowadays it's hard to find someone with even just a few of those traits, Warren was gifted with them all. As Warren's wife, I wish that I could do so much more than I'm able to do for him on Father's Day. Warren deserves the world, because that's what he has given us. Maybe I'm a little biased but I definitely think that Warren is deserving to win this fathers day giveaway! 
Sincerely, Cheyenne
Nominated By: Sarah Casey
Nominee: Scott Casey
It is hard to just give one reason why Scott is such a wonderful dad but here goes nothing! Scott and I got married in 2006 right after I graduated high school. We had been together for 10 years when we were presented with the chance to become a kinship placement for Scott's cousin's newborn baby. She had been born addicted and left at the hospital. We couldn't stand the thought of family not being with family so we started the process of becoming foster parents. We got our house together and brought baby home at 2 months old from the NICU. We were told that the sisters to sweet Lilly would also be needing a place to stay so we said we would gladly take them! Unfortunately, our home was only a two bedroom at the time so we were only able to take one more of her sisters. We couldn't stand the thought of the girls being separated so we searched and searched for a bigger home until finally in August of 2017 we were presented with the opportunity to rent a friend's house that was 4 bedrooms! We contacted DCS and told them we found a place and wanted all 4 of the girls to be with us. A week later we got the other 2 girls and we were a family of 6!! Scott never hesitated to provide for each of the girls and would give anything just to make sure each of his girls have what they need or want. We moved to our bigger house in Scottsburg and were thrilled. In November of 2017 we adopted Lilly who had just turned 1. Fast forward to March of 2020 right as covid was really ramping up, we adopted our 3 oldest girls! We still currently live in Scottsburg and have 4 amazing daughters. Our oldest daughter graduated last year and is now active-duty Army serving her country across seas. Her dad is her biggest supporter and tells everyone he can how proud he is to be an Army dad! Scott has always been supportive of his daughters and would give the shirt off his back if needed to ensure his girls didn't go without. He lives to make sure his family is supported and safe. We may not be our girls biological family but you would never know as they have always been ours from day one and you couldn't tell any different. Scott is the best dad a girl could ask for!!
Nominated By: Marcus Stephens
Nominee: Marty Stephens
He had taught me so many things, especially how to not give up so easy in life, he was diagnosed with kidney failure a little over a year ago and has been on dialysis since, there has been a few times we thought we was gonna loose him, but he is a fighter. When I was younger I was somewhat scared of him cause of how stern he was but the older I got the more i respected why he was that way. He is my best friend, couldn't ask for a better one. He has also been a phenomenal Grand father to my two boys. He has always gave me some of the best advice. For someone who had to grow up without a dad cause his dad died when he was about 13, he has done one he'll of a job raising me and my brother. Dad has always had a good sense of humor, me and him have hung out a lot drinking some cold ones and just getting into some funny conversations and some deep ones too. To me it's special cause I pretty much act and look like dad except he was always a lot more muscular then me until life changed cause he has lost a lot of weight being on dialysis. Honestly I can't count the times Dad has helped me out, whether it was financially,  with advice, or working on things. I can only hope he knows just how special he is to me and how much respect and love I have for him. Dad has always been the type of man that never really showed emotion until he ended up with kidney failure. DAD is special cause he is a great husband to my mom, a great teacher, and above all the best friend/ Father I could of ever asked for. LOVE YOU DAD
Nominated By: Stefani Nixon
Nominee: Vince Robinson
My dad has been my rock since day one. He is always there when I need him and still is to this day! Not only is he the best Dad, he has bec9me an even better Pappy to my children and my brothers children. He loves music, bowling, and dirt track racing. He always makes sure he keeps me updated in all the racing action if I can't be there. He would always call me Lynard Skynard because my middle name is Lin. I've always answered to that name and probably always will! This man has always been one to be quiet but once he is either interested or bothered by something enough, he will let you know and you will not hear the end of it. He use to be a sound man for a few of the bands that were around town. He's been well known for all of that. I can't go to alot of places without someone asking me how my dad is or what he is up to now days! I've gotten alot of compliments about how I'm alot like my dad. What can I really say though. He's a great dad and I wouldn't trade him for anyone else in the world! He'd give the shirt off his back to help anyone and that's where I get it from. He has a heart of solid gold and I've never met another like him! He definitely doesn't get the recognition he deserves. But my kids and I remind him every time we see or talk to him how much he is loved and how much he means to us. So for him to be recognized by someone else would probably knock him off his feet and leave him speechless! My dad is by far my number one and always will be. He's the best dad for me and my brother, and the best Pappy for our children!
Nominated By: Richard L Blocker
Nominee: Richard A Blocker
He has always been there for me through thick and thin he is an amazing father he a preacher he would do anything for anyone if he can edn though things between us are not good I still know he is one of the best men in this world who deserve everything I personally wish I could do more for him but I can't and I want to see him win something and to know that I and his other 6 children was the one's who nominated him to win this he deserves it for everything he has done in this community and in his family he has a heart of gold he works hard everyday and travels to minister in different church's but I just doesn't seem to be enough he has had his struggles with his health and through his past family problems but he has never giving up and I know he will never give up on his ministry or his family which I know is important to him if you have never met him you are missing out he is an amazing person he is easy to talk to and to get along with he will be honest with you he will tell you like it is once you meet him you will understand how h is he love to be with his family and friends he use to live working on cars and doing things for other people he is one of the smartest men I know if you have à problem he will help you through it if you have a problem with your vehical he can tell you what's wrong with it and tell you how to fix it he is all around smart on just about anything if you have a question about the bible call him and he will answer it to the best of his knowledge his here to help anyone that wants help I Love You Richard A Blocker
Nominated By: Joan Shuler
Nominee: Davis Shuler
I do not even know where to start to Express my gratitude. My dad is supportive in all we do. He would give his shirt off his back to help others. He never met a stranger. He is a number one Brownstown sport fan. He and my mother goes to all sporting events just to cheer on all the kids of the community. He can also be found at all the dirt tracks. He has a true love for life. He is active in his church,. He helps with funeral meal prep and serving. He always has time to tease and play with great grandchildren.  Growing up I have great memories of my dad being  at all of my sporting events. Rain or shine my parents were by my side.  He would sit in the parking lot no matter how long and wait for that bus to pull in. This is why I want to take the time to thank my dad for all he does. I want to nominate him for the best dad prize package. He is a father of two, Grandfather of four ,  and great grandfather of three.  I so enjoy going on family vacations with my parents. We are planning our next trip to go see Graceland, home of Elvis, in Tennessee. It is not important where we go just the opportunity to build memories with my dad is what it is all about. God has truly blessed me with wonderful parents. This earth is a better place with each breath my dad takes. Watching my dad interact with all the generations in the family is a magical blessing. Thanks to the radio station, for a great chance to honor all the special dad's out there in the world. I know the competition is great but my dad will always be number one in my heart.
Nominated By: Chelsea Stuart
Nominee: Grant Stuart
Ahh where to begin? I decided to nominate Grant because I just don't think he truly knows how amazing he is. This guy would do anything for his kiddos! Stand for HOURS in terinchal downpour outside a Taylor Swift concert  because he didn't have tickets but wanted to make sure the girls were ok: check. Sign up to be assistant coach for baseball but then get bumped to head coach: check. Coach softball on days he doesn't have baseball: check. Dress up like the Easter bunny and other random holiday mascots: check and check. Work endless hours to provide for his family: check. Run over to our daughters apartment to fix her roommates bed: check. 
Grant is the most selfless and loving father I know. He always puts the kids first and makes sure that they've got everything they need to be successful! We have 5 beautiful children ranging in ages 2 years old to 18 years old. Our days are filled and seem impossibly long sometimes but in the end we know they're short. 
Grant has shared his love of fart jokes, fishing, camping, swimming, and concert going with our children. Not only that but they all have his laid back personality and crazy sense of humor. Our days are full of laughter and love. 
I know there are lots of dads that are nominated and honestly this little blurb doesn't even touch on how truly amazing he is! There just isn't enough time to write it all! The kids and I are so incredibly lucky to have this amazing man as the head of our family and hope that you can see that too. He deserves nothing more than to be spoiled a little bit on Father's Day! 
Thank you for taking the time to read about our Rockstar - I hope it brings a smile to your face. If anything, go spend some extra time with your kiddos today. Do something crazy that they'll remember forever!
Nominated By: Bobby Kaufman
Nominee: Rob Kaufman
It took over 4 years of fertility tests and treatments for me to even be here. That's why my dad's a little older than most guys my age. You could never tell it though, it never slowed him down any.  To give my mom a break he used to rock me to sleep most every night and always sing to me.  Beth by Kiss was one of his favorites and almost any Elvis song. He taught me how to ride a bike, to shoot a basketball and to catch and hit a baseball.  He coached or assisted everything that he could and never missed practice or a game. He also bought me my own guitar and taught me the fundamentals of how to play which I still do to this day. He never missed an event at school and helped me with my schoolwork when he could. My dad gave up several opportunities to advance in his career so he wouldn't miss any happenings or activities in my life. He also gave up a great opportunity to advance and move our family to Florida so we could stay here and I could grow up and be a grandson to my four grandparents that I'm very thankful for.   My dad is a good Christian man and raised me in the same church that he and his dad was raised in. He raised me to have good ethics, morals and to be a good Christian man as well. My dad helped me through college and has been so very supportive of me in my life and career after I've gotten out. I have a IV after my name and I am so proud of the lineage of my family and what it represents to me. Like most fathers and sons we've had our ups and downs but have made it through them. I'm so proud and thankful for my dad as he is of me.  I love you dad.
Nominated By: Erica Wiese
Nominee: Chris Wiese
My dad is a hard working man, 
He loves helping us girls out when we need it, he'll help us without heists. 
He is so good to all 12 of his grandkids, we are so blessed to have a father who loves our kids as much as we do. 
He loves to spoil the grand kids. An his 4 daughters . 
He is a amazing person, he'll help anyone out if he can. He is very supportive. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think us girls would have turned out this awesome. We love having him as a support team. An watching our children grow. There’s honestly no words I can say to express how much we appreciate all he has done for us, the community, our children or just any one that needs the help. He’s taught me how too be loved by a man the right way. I love seeing him put our family first that means the world to my mom an us girls. 
The best feeling in the world is knowing we  Can count on him no matter what. 
No matter what we are going through we know we will always have our dad by our side. You’re the leader in our family, you’ve helped us accomplish everything we have now. He’s definitely the backbone of this family we wouldn’t be this strong without you, dad. I hope i grow up just like the caring man you are. I can say I think me an my sisters and his 12 grandchildren won the lottery  with having a dad and papaw like him. We love you so much daddy-o!!
Love watching you be a papaw to all the grand kids. You are one heck of a papaw and it shows cause they love you so much!!
Nominated By: Amy Blankenship
Nominee: Shawn Blankenship
I want to nominate my husband for the Father's Day contest. I feel that my husband is an amazing husband, dad, and poppaw and truly deserves to when this prize.    He is an amazing dad to my daughter since he came into her life he has been there for her just like he was her dad from day one.  He would attend school functions Girl Scout functions and do whatever he needed to do to be the dad in her life.  He is also the best grandpa to our 3 amazing grandsons and is always there for them.   He attends the baseball games, the school activities, and whatever else they have going on that we are able to attend.   He looks forward to his poppaw time with the 3 boys the enjoy going on wagon rides behind the lawn mower, playing in the dirt just digging holes, cutting wood and making different projects, and whatever other ideas the boys come up with.   The boys always look for poppaw when they go shopping T Walmart so that they can saw hi to him and get their hugs, kisses, and high fives.   I know for a fact that my husband would do anything for my daughter and those 3 grand babies because he is a true frankly man and enjoys the time spent with family rather it is just sitting around socializing, having a cookout, or whatever we all find to do together as a family.  If somebody was to ask one of the grand babies about their poppaw another thing that would probably be said is that they like to go outside and watch choo choo trains go by together and that they also like to play with hot wheels which they call their vroom vrooms.  The grand babies are my husbands pride and joy and he is the best poppaw to those 3 little boys.
Nominated By: Allison Wissel
Nominee: Richard Wissel
I have the Best Dad Ever. My Dad is a single parent that works very hard to be both Mom and Dad for me. My Dad took a job with the school system so I could have him home when I need him home. I really want my Dad to work at my school but he tells me it wouldn’t be fair to the other kids for me to have the best parent in the world working at my school. It makes me feel very special to know that he is working for the school system, maybe as I move up in grades I will end up at his school. My Dad makes sure I have everything I need and most things that I want. My Dad works very hard to make sure we have a home and all the bills are paid. My Dad sacrifices personal relationships so that most of his time is spent with me and making sure I am the happiest girl in the world. I love how my Dad puts me before everyone else, I know I am his number 1 priority, family is his number 1 priority. I have an older brother and he has a 1 1/2 year old daughter, that makes me an Aunt, I love being an Auntie to my niece, it also makes my Dad a grandpa, he likes to be called Papa. My Dad loves our little Reagan very much, it makes him so happy being a Papa. My Dad is the coolest Dad Ever. He takes me to do so many cool things. I have seen Pat Benetar, Johnny Cougar and Glamerica all because of my Dad, he could go with anyone he wants but he chooses to take me to concerts with him. We share a love of music, Elton John is our favorite. My Dad makes me so happy and I know he Loves me more than anything, My Dad is the Best Dad Ever and I hope he wins.
Nominated By: Jennifer Growe
Nominee: Mike Growe
He's a great dad and does everything he can for his family. 
Nominated By: Mallorie Carr
Nominee: Clayton Carr
Clayton is an amazing dad. He busts his tail to make sure our son Jameson and our dog babies Hank and Audrey have everything they need and want. He's a teacher and a tutor Monday- Friday during the school year and an HVAC technician during the summer and breaks. While doing all that work, he comes home with a smile on his face ready to play with his son and fur babies. Never once complaining about being tired or wanting to just relax. Jameson and Clayton always read a nightly book together each night, and get ready for bed together. Clayton is always there to make Jameson laugh or pick him up whenever falls or just wants a big hug from his daddy. I also believe Clayton is an amazing dad because since he's a teacher, I firmly believe that is also a very big fatherly role model to a lot of kids in the seymour community. Not all kids have a father figure in their lives and my husband fills in those shoes. He asks his students every single day, at the beginning of every single class how there feeling, how there day is going and what he, himself can do to make their day better. He cares for those students deeply like they were all his kids. He would do anything he could for them. These are just some of the many reasons I personally believe Clayton is an amazing Daddy, dog daddy and a father figure. He has such a big heart and cares more than most people do. I hope he never forgets how amazing he is doing at being a daddy. I truly hate to brag, but he's pretty much the best daddy around! We're all pretty lucky to have him in our lives. Happy Father's Day Clayton!
Nominated By: Samantha Burke
Nominee: Barry Burke
My dad is very special he has helped me when I needed rides for my daughter to go get her some formula he has bought clothes for my daughter, and he loves spending time with both of us to or if I need a ride to the dentist, he has also helped me with a phone when I didn't have one at the time, or he has helped me when I broke it and I needed someone to help fix it for me when I broke it, he has made sure he has given me money when I didn't have enough money at the time, and he made sure me and my sister got our permit and wouldn't stop asking or taking us until we got it he makes sure me and my sister is ok on food and anything that we need, and we have been having deep conversations and talking to me when I need someone to talk to when he picks me up to go places and also helps out some of my family on my moms side of the family he just has a good heart for everyone and wants to make sure nobody goes without even when he has to he has a deep love for people and at times when I don't think I need to hear it because I'm stubborn he makes sure that he tells me to straighten up if I'm not doing something right or if something needs to be done I really have a deep respect for him and even at a lot of other people does, and I think he works really hard at his job he goes in almost everyday fixing machines everybody at his works relies on him being there and fixing them when they are down I truly think he deserves this he works every day at work and being a wonderful dad and a great human being that everyone respects and loves, and he deserves everything that this world offers
Nominated By: Savannah Burke
Nominee: Barry Burke
My no matter what puts his children first. He gave up a lot and sacrificed a lot for our happiness. He's one hard working man that does so much for the people around him. And no matter what happens I know he's there it's just why he's so wonderful. I'll never forget the stuff he does for us. He's even there for his grandkids to show he cares, while working a factory job. As well as kids he didn't have much money but he still put up an effort to make our birthdays and Christmas wonderful. So I'm wanting to make his father's day wonderful as well. He help my sister when she was in a bad place doing everything he could to help her out of it. He would always throw little cook outs when he was wanting his children to come and see him. He also was in the arm to fight for our country to add to how wonderful he is. He would always take in any stray animals that came his way and gave them a warm bed and food. He gave up multiples job opportunities to show how much his children mean to him. He also gave us a wonderful step mom to add to it all. He's done so much to make sure his children have a wonderful life and even after he's gone. The only thing I've known that scares the man is when something happens to one of his children. He has such a big heart and so much love. He even now helped me when I was out of work because of leg surgery and all the time asked when or if I was needing things to eat to stuff for my pets as well. He's always there to help. Even in the tuff times. So I KNOW he deserves something wonderful for father's day and I hope he gets it. 

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