Puscifer’s Existential Reckoning Tour

November 2022

Puscifer’s Existential Reckoning Tour - Let The Probing Continue landed at the Louisville Palace on Friday, November 11. It was a truly out of this world experience.  TOOL and A Perfect Circle front man Maynard James Keenan, a.k.a. Agent Dick Merkin, showcases his sense of humor and multiple nods and winks to the sci-fi genre with the stage show. Let us not discount the interesting industrial music being performed on stage, including Carina Round’s vocals alongside Keenan’s. Mat Mitchell is the only other permanent member taking on the duties of guitar, bass, keyboards and synthesizers. On tour Greg Edwards is on the bass and Gunnar Olsen is on drums, programming. Programming? At a concert? Multiple drum machines were used in this show, which added an element unattainable with a standard guitar, bass and drum kit. Maynard has often said this group, or project, is his "creative subconscious." Whatever it is, it is a truly unique experience. There are costumes, creating an X-Files/CIA agent vibe. Along with several entertaining on stage videos. Perfect example of the videos’ entertainment value; Puscifer has a very strict no photo/video policy. Agent Merkin comes on screen before the show to discuss the photo policy. During the course of the video, it shows meat being processed. Turns out it is Spam, we’re talking canned meat and not junk email. He discloses it is processed audience members who took photos during the show. Message received and acknowledged. The show starts and some nitwit on the front row is leaning on stage taking photos. Two agents grabbed him up on stage and carried him off (on obvious plant). Without missing a beat Merkin starts chanting, “Spam! Spam! Spam!”

Here is the evening’s setlist, but that and this recap won’t begin to scratch the surface of what a transcendental show this truly was!

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